The general specifications for the Al-Wasta program

Al-Wasatah Invoicing Software: Invoice Management – Sales, Point of Sale, Purchases, and Inventory with approval from the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.

List of software specifications


Reports are available for 90-95% of the windows, and each user can create their own reports, with an unlimited number.


The ability to select the theme that suits the employee or decor.

Ease of search

Searching within 90-95% of the fields/data of the software.

Quick input for products

The ability to input products in a manner similar to Excel, to expedite the process of entering product names, services, prices, and information.


Alerts on 90-95% of the fields/data, and tailored to each user.

Exporting data

The ability to export all reports, and the majority of the software’s data, to Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

The speed of the software

The speed of the software remains fast regardless of the number of invoices over the years.

Hierarchical menus

can be displayed in a hierarchical tree structure, such as accounts, bank accounts, customers, individuals, and others.

Chart columns

Chart columns for 90-95% of the fields, with various types of chart columns.

Conditional formatting

Conditional formatting in lists and spreadsheets: the ability to change the colors of rows in lists according to the value of a field.

Field comparisons

The ability to make comparisons between fields in reports.

Live search

The ability to directly search within tree menus.

Data aggregation

The ability to aggregate data from lists/spreadsheets based on one or more fields.

Field totals

The ability to output field totals in all spreadsheets/lists.

Changing the appearance of windows

The ability to customize the appearance of windows to match the nature of the work, by changing the positions or hiding fields.

Field linking

The linking of optional fields with search and input windows in the majority of the software’s windows.

Analytical operations

Attention to analytical operations through chart columns and comparisons by days, and months.

Profit calculation

Calculating profits and costs on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly basis, and storing each calculation.

Inventory assessment

Evaluating the value of the entire inventory at different prices.

Creating new fields

The ability to create new fields as mathematical functions between other fields in the majority of tables.

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