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about Desktop software services

Masterpieces of Innovation Company adopts a permanent policy of continuous development and support for its products, with the aim of maintaining its continued success.

Reinstall the program

450 Saudi Riyals

Upgrade to a higher version

150 Saudi Riyals per month.

Connect one device to another device

On the internal network, 300 Saudi Riyals per device.

On the external network, 650 Saudi Riyals per device.

Training hour

From one minute to one hour.

300 Saudi Riyals

One hour of training outside working hours

From one minute to one hour.

600 Saudi Riyals


From one minute to one hour.

300 Saudi Riyals

Installation of the trial version

Non-refundable and will be deducted from the value of the program if purchased.

450 Saudi Riyals

Transferring information from other programs or from Excel or from Al Wasta program

Importing products, inventory quantities, customers, and suppliers from Excel: 550 Saudi Riyals.

Copying from other programs

850 Saudi Riyals

Data migration from one version to another on the same device

300 Saudi Riyals

Transferring the program from one device to another

450 Saudi Riyals

The value of installing the program upon return within 3 days

450 Saudi Riyals

The feature of sending mobile messages upon invoice migration

350 Saudi Riyals for each copy of the program.

Copying data for a grocery store or plumbing

We have data for grocery products and plumbing supplies.
11,000 products for 550 Saudi Riyals.
31,000 products for 850 Saudi Riyals.

Invoice design

 850 Saudi Riyals
Any additional features or new fields have their own prices.

The service of zeroing/deleting data and making a new program of data

 150 Saudi Riyals

El Wasta program training

One free hour only for each contract, and there are videos on the program’s channel explaining a large portion of the software’s usage.

About Exchange and return policy.

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